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"How. is a process of systematically transforming plausible thoughts into working ideas - leading to problem solutions through natural relationships that result in positive changes in behavior.

I believe that certain fundamental concepts can be taught in kindergarten, others (mostly inter-relationships) can be presented as the child matures.

For the adult, possibilities are limitless as this spectrum aids in meeting any problem large or small."

Dr. Mark C. Lloyd, Educator


“I personally feel that this book enhanced my ability to think in areas never explored previously. I can see how this might “streamline” a person’s decision making process to achieve a desirable result most efficiently and effortlessly.

This book was great!"

Damon Aquirre, Physical Therapist


“A most helpful handbook, in all.”

Eric Dehaun, Civil Engineer


“As good a primer on the how-to’s of planning as I’ve ever read.”

Jeff Marti, Stockbroker


How. is well written and illustrated.  It is a helpful planning and evaluation tool–useful for task delegation. How. is especially good for project financing evaluations of project viability.”

Mark Theodore, Attorney (Intellectual Property)


This program is about changing behaviors by incorporating skills that when utilized, will make you more successful.”

(name lost) Human Resources Director


“I can see how this system would increase productivity and results by merely increasing communication.

I really like the stuff on management [Acting as a]Junior–explanations on how to make sure you have the same goals in mind.

In litigation, How. is a method of identifying a client’s goals, creating both a plan and paper trail for achieving those goals.

Frank Falk , Attorney


How. has] “some excellent ideas–it is quite motivational–[it] makes me want to start some projects I’ve been putting off.

The overall physical layout of How. makes it reader-friendly. The book has short paragraphs plus a lot of valid illustrations. There is a nice mix of wry humor throughout …and a lot of easy-to-understand analogies

Unlike a lot of self-help books, it provides the steps necessary to achieve goals…it could really “take off” and be extremely popular. This book could clearly become a big time winner.”

(name lost) Public Relations


“It’s the book I would have written”

Casey Clayton, Martial Arts Master



"It [How.) is generic–can be used in “life”

Deon Evanson, Insurance Agent


"How. is a  powerful guidebook for bringing ideas to life in challenging times, when a great idea can mean the difference between mere survival and changing the world for the better."   Full review here:

Clarion Reviews

How. captures the essence of the creative process—it is literally a recipe for ‘cooking up’ new realities. It enables you to focus your energies on the ‘what’ of a project, rather than wasting time researching the ‘how’ of it.

Its imaginative, easy-to-use format, provides a system of checks and balances that walks you through the process in an orderly, sequential manner.

How.(s)  generic approach, allows you to plug in any topic and use the book over and over.”

Dr. Claire Harrison Clark, Psychologist


“Unlike the typical self-help book, which does most of your thinking for you, How.  evokes your own thinking ability, allowing it to be applied to whatever task is at hand.

How. is a thinking-person's reference and guidebook. Without telling you what to think, it shows you how to think and how to forge that thinking into tangible reality. How. is destined to become a standard in its own right.”

Richard B. Cuatto, Attorney


 "How. has given me insight into my areas of weakness in accomplishing goals. The process it provides leaves no room for failure."

George Wilde  Retail Account Executive


How.  really helped me clarify and organize my thinking. I used it to develop a quarter-billion dollar proposal.”

 Robert R. Norman,  Company President


 “It’s great. I’ve stopped reading others [self-help books] which didn’t go anywhere.”

David C. Fitch, Geologist


How.  is well organized, full of provocative thoughts and ideas, very readable and easy to reference. Ideas almost jump out at you from its pages. The index is excellent. It is especially useful if you do not know the exact name of the subject you are looking for.

How.  is general enough to provoke your own thought processes for solving problems, without telling you specifically how to solve them. Most importantly, its ideas and concepts can actually be applied to ‘Real Life."

Tom Davis, Manager


 “Well thought out–sensible–workable. It provides a logical systematic approach. It helped clarify areas that needed revision or re-thinking."

M. William Hawkesworth, Business owner

 “Overall, I think is very good–brief and direct–very good for business people.”

Dave Hansen, Business Owner


How.   creates a certain pattern of ‘use’ and ‘skip’ that affords great versatility.”

Kirk Phillips,  Martial Arts Instructor